What is The run of the Lole / Fuga Lolelor ?

Lolele or The run of the Lole is a medieval festival, like a carnival. It is played by the Saxon guilds from Transylvania since XVII – XVIII centuries.

In the beginning of each year the guilds had to pass the guild’s chest with documents, flag, coat of arms and earnings to the new elected chiefs. At the ceremony of delivering the chests the members of the guilds were wearing carnival suites and masks, marked with guild’s symbols. These characters were representing the Lole and their role was to protect the chests by making loud noises with bells and whips.

These days, after hundreds of years since its origins, this custom is still alive in the middle of Transylvania, in Sibiu county, in the Agnita town. Although the ceremony of delivering the chests is just symbolic today, the festival gains more and more popularity. People are welcomed in Agnita with the parade of the Lole, Saxon dances, guild plays and delicious doughnuts.

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This year on 31st of January there were 230 Lole to play the Run of the Lole in the town of Agnita almost 80 of them they were kids and hopefully they will preserve and share this rare tradition with the next generations.

Enjoy our pictures from the Run of the Lole 2016 / “Fuga Lolelor 2016” and we invite you to join the carnival next year!

The run of the Lole / Fuga Lolelor  2016 Gallery

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