Terms and conditions

This Agreement is concluded between SC Brava Interteam Consulting SRL (named as BookToursRomania.com), located in Bucharest, 3-5 Poligrafiei Ave,1st District, Romania 013704), Tourism Operation License number 3710/22.03.2012, (hereinafter “Supplier”) and Mr./Mrs./Ms.______________________, address:_________________, passport/ID number_________________________, telephone number: _________________ (hereinafter “Customer”).

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions between SC Brava Interteam Consulting SRL, named as BookToursRomania.com (hereinafter “Supplier”) and the person who purchase private guided tours and travel services (hereinafter “Customer”).


The Supplier kindly asks the Customer to read carefully the following terms and conditions before making a booking. The Supplier agrees to provide certain tours and travel services and the customer warrants to understand, agree and accept the all following terms and conditions. The Supplier provides the stated services through the website, BookToursRomania.com (“Website”), which is considered as a communication and payment processing system that enables the connection between the Supplier and the Customer.

The Customer must confirm that all information provided to the Supplier for the purpose of purchasing the travel services will be fully accurate, complete and correct. In this spirit the Customer is considered fully responsible for any consequences that may result from the details being provided incorrectly.

Services provided

The Supplier provides tour packages in Romania. The Supplier, and all associates and third-party service providers, develop generic itineraries, sold as packages each one having it’s own characteristics and specifics. The itinerary is the written travel schedule that states the daily planned activities and offered travel services. Also, on request the Supplier can offer to the Customer travel advice for customized tours throughout the country for individual, couples, families and small groups.

The guiding services are offered by the Supplier through their own tour guides or by using the help of associated (partner) guides with significant experience of guiding in Romania, and with official Romanian tourist guide accreditation. Throughout the whole tour, the Customer will be assisted by their own professional qualified tour guide & driver. The Supplier organizes the tour taking into consideration the days and the opening hours of the visited attractions (castles, palaces, monuments, museums). Please note that the Supplier is not responsible in case that these tourist attractions are closed for visitors due to unforeseen reasons (such as private events, maintenance works, various other reasons that the Supplier cannot foresee at the moment of booking).

If possible, the Supplier makes efforts to take into consideration, any special requirements of the Customer, such as particular requests of hotel rooms and car features. However, the Supplier declares that the failure to fulfill such special requirements does not constitute the cause of any claims against the Supplier.

Request process

Tour requests can be done either by phone (+040727032945), by the existing contact form from the website, by email address (office@booktoursromania.com) or by the send inquiry button from each of the listed tours. The Supplier strives to respond to all of the tour requests within maximum 2 working days.

Following the Customer’s tour request upon availability, the Supplier will send the proposed itinerary and a quotation using the provided contact details. The Supplier kindly asks the Customer to read carefully the tour offer and approve or disapprove the proposition in writing by email.

Reservation and payment terms

Following the Customer’s written acceptance of the final itinerary and quote with all inclusions and exclusions, the booking has to be secured. To secure a booking the Supplier requires a deposit between 30% to 50% of the total price of the tour, depending on the dates of traveling and the size of the group.

For the deposit, the Supplier will send an invoice to the Customer that must be paid in maximum 3 working days from the date of issue. The deposit can be paid online with a credit card using a secure link or by bank transfer. In case of bank transfer the Supplier will require the Customer to scan and send via email the bank transfer certificate in maximum 24 hours from the time of the payment.

As for securing a tour that will take place in less than 30 days from the day of request the Supplier will require full payment of the tour that needs to be paid in maximum 3 working days from the invoice’s date of issue.


After the deposit is paid by the Customer and confirmed by the Supplier, a set of travel documents will be emailed to the Customer, containing the invoice, voucher and other relevant documents if needed. The Customer must read carefully all of the travel documents and if something is found incorrect, to contact the Supplier by email as soon as possible.

The final installment can be paid online with a credit card using a secure link at least 10 days before the arrival or by cash on the first day of the tour. In case that the final installment is not paid when due, the Supplier reserves the right to treat the reservation as canceled. For the cash payments we accept EUR, GBP, USD or RON at the official exchange rate of the National Bank using the exchange rate from the day of payment.

The Supplier uses a third party company to process the online payment with the credit card (Netopia Mobilpay). The Customer will only type the credit card information on the secured page sent by the Supplier. The Supplier hereby informs the customer, that only NETOPIA Mobilpay, bears all responsibility for the security of the transaction.

For cash payment the Customer has to pay the rest of the amount to an authorized representative of the Supplier.  The Supplier accepts EUR, GBP, USD or RON at the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania of the payment day.

The Supplier has the right to revise the terms of the payment at its own discretion, subject to prior notice to the Customer before booking.

The tour prices does not include charges for passports, visas, excess baggage charges, trip cancellation or interruption, accident and baggage insurance, transportation not included in the itinerary, optional tours, also for food and beverages, except if such charges are included in the final itinerary issued for the Customer.

 Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Any cancellations made by the Customer must be addressed in writing by email at the following email address: office@booktoursromania.com.

The following cancellation charges apply for cancellations made by the Customer:

  • 30 days or more before arrival: full refund if travel documents from the day of booking do not state otherwise (ex. non refundable booking, non refundable air fare payments and any other such as);
  • 29 days – 11 days before arrival: 50% of the deposit will be refunded;
  • 10 days or less – full loss of the deposit

The Supplier is not obliged to refund any no recoverable upfront costs incurred by the Supplier on the behalf of the Customer. These upfront costs are represented by tickets, transportation deposits and other tour expenses.

The Supplier is not responsible for any incidental expenses that the Customer may have incurred as a result of the purchase of one tour such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights.

Exceptionally, the Supplier may be forced to cancel a tour due to weather conditions or other circumstances. In the event that the Supplier cancels the tour, the Customer may choose between:

  • a rescheduling of the tour or an alternative tour (if a cheaper tour is chosen the price difference will be refunded to the Customer; if the tour is more expensive, the difference will be paid extra by the Customer);
  • a full refund of all deposit paid;
  • a credit for an alternative tour having the equivalent quality and price as the initial one.

 Acceptance of risk and travel insurance

The Customer must acknowledge and accept that all traveling activities implicate a certain level of personal risk and hazards. For example, on request some customized tours can be adventurous in nature or can expose the Customer to some hazards that can arise from practicing any sports or some of which may result from human error.

By signing this agreement, the Customer clearly understands the terms & conditions and is releasing the Supplier, including its employees, guides or agents, from all causes or claims regarding any legal action arising from death, injury, damages or losses of any kind that may occur to he or she while participating in tours or as a direct result of active or passive negligence of any party including the Supplier or any of its employees, contractors or delegate. The Supplier strongly advises the Customer to acquire a suitable medical insurance that covers all of the travel risks prior to the arrival.

Please note that by default no travel insurance is covered in the inclusions of the tour packages and at the time of booking we strongly encourage the Customer to consider acquiring a travel insurance of his choice which has to be valid for all of the group members and the travel period. Moreover, the Customer is fully responsible for taking care of all requested arrangements regarding visa, passport, immigration documents, customs procedures, health and any other requirements of the countries visited or transited. In this regard the Supplier is not responsible if the Customer fails to conform to these requirements.

Normally the travel insurance must cover the costs in case of cancellation, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury, death, loss of baggage, personal items, jewelry, money and valuables, personal liability, third party liability, delayed, canceled and missed flights.

Also the Supplier, cannot be held responsible and has no refund obligation for the Customer, if the Customer, by it’s own fault misses the boarding or check-in times, or if by any reason the Customer will not be allowed to board the specific mean of transport (airplane, train, buss, ship or any other kind of motorised or unmortised vehicle)

Waiver of liability and force majeure

In case of any loss, damage or expense driven from a force majeure event, the Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer. These events are defined as the unpredictable circumstances which go beyond the Supplier’s or provider’s control such as: war or terrorist activities, threatened or actual civil unrest, riot, epidemic or outbreaks of illness, adverse weather conditions, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, natural or nuclear disaster, cancelled or changes of scheduled flights or other transportation due to unavoidable technical problems of machinery or equipment, power outages or any sort of event outside of the Supplier’s range of control. The consequences of all the above which could not have been prevented even with all due care exercised by the Supplier’s or its providers, be a delay or may extend the tour, compelling a change in the preexisting tour package arrangements or even its cancellation.

The total liability of Brava Interteam Consulting SRL (named as BookToursRomania.com) arising with respect to this Agreement, shall in no event exceed the total amount paid by the Customer to the Supplier.

Term of Agreement

This Agreement will become effective after the Customer accepts in writing the proposed offer of the Supplier and is valid until the end of the booked services unless terminated by either party.

The Suppliers reserves the right to revise and change from time to time these terms and conditions. In case of significant changes brought to this agreement after the realization of a booking, the Supplier will inform the Customer and will agree to have the same terms and conditions that were valid upon the time of the booking.

Accepted and acknowledged by an authorized representative of each party on (the “Effective Date”).


SC Brava Interteam Consulting SRL