Here is an idea of what can you do if you spend one weekend in Romania.

Almost a third of the Romanian territory is covered by mountains. The biggest part of the European Carpathian Mountains lays over Romania. Romanian mountains are just perfect in all the seasons. Here you can go hiking, mountain-biking, skiing, photo shooting, wildlife spotting and much more. It is all about your limits!

Recently we have been on a photography tour in Cindrel Mountains, near the town of Sibiu. It was winter, and what was supposed to be a tough snowshoeing hike. However, overnight switched to an easy and pleasant hike on a warm sunny day and we barely had some snow. Incredible!

A group of mountain guides from Sibiu organised this hike on the unmarked paths which are generally used by peasants or shepherds. This type of hike gives one the opportunity to see Romania as a wild but populated and simple yet captivating country.

During 6 hours spent on the mountain we enjoyed the views of the surroundings! White – snowy Făgăraș Mountains in the far, the tallest Carpathian Mountains in Romania. A traditional and cozy village nearby and dozen of sheep shelters and cabins. It was a great moment of complete relaxation and forgetting about the problems and the effort we’ve made when suddenly we were able to hear a shepherd singing on his whistle flute from the other side of the valley. Astonishing moment!

Later, we took a break to have a camping fire and grill some home-made sausages and ham near one of the shelters. We’ve been accompanied by the shepherd and his flock of sheep.  The camping fire was a surprise and a brilliant idea of the mountain guides from Sibiu.

Enjoy our photo gallery from the short hike in Cindrel Mountains

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