As with any place you visit, being safe is the first concern. So in order to make your vacation one you can truly enjoy, we have compiled a handy guide to all you have to know about safety in Romania.

So, how safe is Romania to travel?

Romania is an incredible destination that offers something for everybody. Be it nature tours filled with incredible scenery, cultural tours that offer an insight on the traditional Romanian way of life or city exploring for urban enthusiasts, this beautiful country has it all. And the great thing about it is that is quite safe to explore.

Bran Castle Halloween Party
Bran Castle Halloween Party

We say “quite” because while there are no major conflicts, the crime rate is rather low, no political instability, there could be some minor incidents as there are in any touristic spots: mainly pickpockets and scams.

So let’s break them down, one by one:

Safety in Romania – public transport

There used to be major concerns regarding public transport in Romania, mainly the taxi service. Drivers scamming travelers or even harassing them is now something that rarely happens.

Taxis and ride-sharing apps

Nowadays, Taxis are no longer allowed in the perimeter of the airport without having a firm order that is registered. This means that they are obliged to use the meter and the dispatch knows exactly where they are. If you wish to take a cab from the airport to the city, you must place an order in the specially designed booths first. They will let you know what car will pick you up and what is the fare.
You can also use a taxi inside the city. Just make sure they have the meter on and a valid identification card. Look on the side of the car to check for the tariff and number of the company.

Bucharest Romanian Athenaeum
Bucharest Romanian Athenaeum

With all of that said, if you can avoid using a taxi, please do. You can always use more user-friendly ride-sharing apps like Taxify and Uber. Bonus, many of these drivers know English and will most likely be great discussion partners.
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Other public transport

There are no major concerns regarding safety in other public transport means such as the metro, buses, trams, and trolleys. Just be careful with your belongings is it’s really crowded as to avoid being robbed.

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Safety in Romania – tourist attractions and crowded places

Although Romania isn’t as crowded as other countries such as France, Italy or Spain, the major tourist landmarks are extremely popular and can get crowded in certain periods throughout the year.

Sibiu Christmas Market
Sibiu Christmas Market

Places like Bran Castle, Sibiu or Bucharest Christmas Market, The Merry Cemetery in Maramures and concert venues like Electric Castle, Untold etc can get packed with tourists and locals. Although rare, pick pocketing is the only concern here. Just make sure you have your money and documents in a safe place such as a difficult to open backpack or a zipped up pocket.

Scammers can be easily detected and avoided. Don’t let fortune tellers read your palm, don’t buy anything they have to offer (mainly gold jewelry. Trust us, it’s not gold) and don’t get weak to soppy stories from teenagers that somehow need a little bit of money to buy train tickets to go back to their families.

Safety in Romania – all about the money

Romania has it’s own currency called leu/lei (plr). This means that you will have to exchange whatever money you have into this specific currency. This is easy and safe if you just use an ATM, a bank or a trusted exchange office.

Romanian currency
Romanian currency

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When using an exchange office, avoid the ones in highly touristic spots, always check the BNR exchange rate to see if it’s similar and look out to have 0% commission. If there is a commision or there is no mention about a commision, just walk away.

Luckily, Romania is an affordable travel destination and you won’t have to carry large amounts of money. Furthermore, you can pretty much pay with card everywhere. But for street food, tipping or souvenirs from street vendors it is preferable to have a little bit of cash in small banknotes.

Safety in Romania – accommodation, food, tours

There are no safety warnings when it comes to accommodation in Romania. Most hotels, hostels, inns, camping sites and such are listed on and have plenty of reviews.

Charming autumn colors in Brasov on Tampa Mountain
Charming autumn colors in Brasov on Tampa Mountain

Now, when talking about food you should be aware of the risks. Romanian food is definitely not safe for your figure. Just see for yourself: Romanian food – savory dishes you should try Joke aside, Romanian food served in restaurants and even street food is completely fine. So dare to taste some cheese sold by farmers on the side of the road. Just don’t drink water directly from the faucet in Bucharest, but other than that, you’re good.

Home Hosted Lunch in Sibiel village
Home Hosted Lunch in Sibiel village

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