Any traveler dreaming at a vacation in Dracula’s country is interested in Romania travel costs. Is Romania the type of destination for which you have to save up years in advance? Fortunately, as much as it is beautiful, Romania is equally affordable.

Dracula's Castle Halloween Party
Dracula’s Castle Halloween Party

Romanian currency and exchange rates

The official Romanian currency is the leu (lei for plural). A leu is divided into bani and consists of 100 of them. A Euro is approximately 4.6 lei, and 1 dollar is 3.8 lei. The currency exchange rates are communicated daily by the BNR, National Bank of Romania.

National Bank of Romania
National Bank of Romania

Money can be exchanged into lei in any of the many exchange spots throughout the city.  Always check the BNR exchange rate to see if it’s similar and look out to have 0% commission. Also, you can exchange your money at a bank or withdraw it from an ATM.

The CEC Palace - Victory Avenue
The CEC Palace – Victory Avenue

Almost all places are equipped with POS and you can pay by credit card. But for street food, tipping or souvenirs from street vendors it is preferable to have a little bit of cash in small banknotes as 1, 5 or 10 lei.

Romania travel costs – accommodation

The means of accommodation in Romania are quite diverse. From budget-friendly hostels for the young travelers to five stars hotels, traditional guesthouses or campsites, you for sure can find something for your taste and budget. While in cities like Bucharest you can opt for a hostel or hotel, in rural Romania is advisable to choose a guesthouse in order to feel the Romanian way of life and enjoy a traditional home-cooked meal.

While a hostel can start anywhere from 20 euros/night, a four-five stars hotel can go as up as 300 euros/night. A guesthouse will start at around 30 euros and some even include breakfast and dinner in the price.

Romania travel costs – transportation

Romania has 16 airports and most have both line and low-cost options. Within the country, you can travel by train, rental car or private transfer (contact us for rates). Renting a car starts from 30 euros/day and goes up depending on the model. A two ride ticket with the Bucharest subway or the public transport by bus or tram is around 1 euro, a taxi is 1,9 lei/km and Uber is also somewhere close in price.

Vaser Valley Steam Train Maramures
Vaser Valley Steam Train

Romania travel costs – food and nightlife

Food is not only delicious in Romania but also affordable. Street food, although it lacks the traditional factor, being more towards pizza and Turkish dishes, is cheap and with 3-5 euros, you’ll be set. Of course, there is also the occasional bagel or doughnuts for less than 50 cents.

Breakfast is available in most restaurants and for an omelet with sides and coffee, you’ll spend around 5-7 euros. Lunch usually consists of soup, main dish and dessert and can vary from 8 – 20 euros depending on the place. a nice Dinner in a nice restaurant will be somewhere around 10-30 euros including drinks.

And the nightlife won’t leave you cashless as well. A beer of half a liter is around 10-15 lei (3 euros!?) and cocktails start from 4 euros.

And since we’re talking about dinning, tipping is very common in Romania and it is expected to be at least 10%.

Casa Capșa confectionery.
Casa Capșa confectionery.

Romania travel costs – day trips and tours

Trips, be them day-trips from Bucharest or multi-day trips exploring the country, start around 100 euros. Although you can be inclined to think that you’ll get away cheaper by organizing it yourself, it is way more comfortable and convenient to get the help of local guides. They know the country better than anyone else and can choose the best accommodation and travel itinerary.

Group photo
Group photo

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