The Union Square in Timisoara
The Union Square in Timisoara

Romania is a beautiful and diverse country due to its differences in traditions and landscapes. These differences of local flavor, change in architecture and traditions, are tightly woven with the historical regions of Romania.

Each part of this beautiful country has its own charm, traditional Romanian food, and culture. Exploring Romania by region not only gives you a better understanding of the authentic Romanian way of life but also provides an insight into its history and external influences.

Which are these regions and what you should visit and experience in each? Read on:

Historical regions of Romania – a brief history

Romania started as principalities that united during the 19th and 20th centuries. The first regions to unify were Wallachia and Moldovia. Then slowly new regions were added forming the Romanian Kingdom.

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In 1918 Romania became as we know it today by further uniting with Transylvania and Bukovina. Celebrated on the 1st of December, the Great Union Day is also Romania’s National Day.

Touristic regions of Romania – explore them all

Being added slowly, these regions of Romania kept their influences from previous foreign occupations. Furthermore, each region came with its own specific ethnic groups. All of this put their mark on the architecture of the cities created and their landmarks. Thus Romania can now be divided into touristic regions.

In this article, we’ll cover Transylvania &Wallachia.


Being added last, Transylvania made a point by standing out. Located in the center of the country, it is probably the most known out of the regions of Romania. A mystical place, filled with tales of vampires, fortified churches and well preserved medieval cities, it is easy to see why it is so popular.

Viscri Fortified Church
Viscri Fortified Church

Moreover, Transylvania is surrounded by mountains thus offering not only incredible scenery but also a varied array of adventure sports like hiking, climbing, mtb and many more.

The influences here are German, Hungarian and Austrian and can be seen and tasted in the beautiful architecture and in the delicious food served here.

What not to miss:

No trip to Transylvania is complete without Dracula and its famous castle, Bran Castle. Although it can be visited all year round, a one of a kind experience is to attend the Halloween party that is held here.

Bran Castle Halloween Party
Bran Castle Halloween Party

And speaking of Dracula, you must learn about the man behind the myth and visit his birthplace in Sighisoara. Along with Sibiu and Brasov, these are the top three medieval cities in Romania. Beautifully preserved, a walking tour through them will immediately transport you to the time of the knits and renaissance fairs.

Vlad Dracul's house in Sighisoara
Vlad Dracul’s house in Sighisoara

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Also known as the land of the Vlachs (ancient name for Romanians), this region is also tightly linked with the famous Dracula. Vlad the Impaler ruled over this territory that lies between the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube.

Bucharest's Princely Court - Vlad the Impaler
Bucharest’s Princely Court – Vlad the Impaler

Bucharest, Romania’s capital city is also located here. Also known as Little Paris, this vibrant city offers historical sites, enchanting architecture, and beautiful parks. Not to miss The Old Town, The Peasant Museum, The Palace of the Parliament.

Bucharest Union Square
Bucharest Union Square

Wallachia also has a breathtaking landscape. The north of the region dives deep into the Carpathian mountains with chic mountain resorts, among which Sinaia is the most popular. Here you can discover Peleș Castle, a masterpiece of German neo-Renaissance architecture and one of the best-preserved royal castles in Europe.

Group of friends visiting the Peles Castle
Group of friends visiting the Peles Castle

Speaking of nature tours, Comana Natural Park, located nearby Bucharest, is heaven for fishermen, bird watching enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Being the third-largest wetland in Romania, this natural park mimics at a smaller scale the biodiversity and landscape of the Danube Delta.

Boat trip in the Danube Delta
Boat trip in the Danube Delta

Tours to take in the region:
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