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Marcel, Tour Guide

Curious mind about anything and everything. Passionate about stories and storytelling. Born and raised in Romania, he spent his childhood partially during the communist time, in a small mountain town with idyllic landscapes.

As a member of “Romanian Scouts” in the 90′, he had its first “tours” while guiding German scouts in Romania. They love it and as a result he’s been invited in Germany. Thus, he discovered that traveling, widens your horizon. He learn to value the environment and love nature. He’s been traveling ever since, enriching and sharing his experiences with others.

He lived in Transylvania, among the Szekler, then moved to Bucharest where he met his wife. Full-time guide since 2006, loves wild, unspoiled corners of Romania. If you wanna get lost, he knows places where nobody will find you.

Loves spicy details about History. Easy going, friendly with his guest and people he encounters throughout the countryside.

Would like: to see less littering and a reduction of consumerism

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