With such diverse landscape and beautiful places, it’s hard not to Instagram Romania. In fact, no matter the tour you take, you will definitely find something worth to snap. But be warned, prepare ahead of time because once you’ll arrive in the places that I’m going to tell you about, you might forget to take out your phone and just marvel at the beauty of it all.


Instagram Romania – it’s all in the #

Need a little inspiration ahead of time? Just search for #visitRomania, #discoverRomania, #rotravel, #romaniamagica, #romaniapitoresca, #ig_romania or simply #romania. A big fan of wildlife and landscape? #wildRomania, #mountainsofRomania, and #CarpathianMountains are just what you’re looking for.


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Without further ado, here are the top tours you should take based on what you want to share in your feed:

Instagram Romania – #nature and #landscapephotography

Romania is known for its wild Carpathian Mountains filled with the largest population of brown bears in Europe. Also, Romania rides itself with the Danube Delta, the second largest river delta in Europe and home to thousands of species of birds. If wildlife photography is your thing or just enjoy a more active type of vacation, then a nature tour is for you.


Short and sweet, these tours are one-day, two-day max trips from Bucharest and satisfy the lust for fresh air and amazing scenery.

Centered around Bucegi Mountains with its fascinating rock formations and the prettiest castle in Romania, Peleș Castle, the Spectacular hike tour is just that, spectacular.


Piatra Craiului Mountains is probably the most beautiful natural parks of the country and the Bucharest Day Tour Hike in the Piatra Craiului Mountains promises an easy but rewarding hike and a glimpse of the authentic Romanian rural life.


For a little more adrenaline mixed with a pinch of culture, the Two Days Hiking in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains & Visiting Transylvania is perfect.  Discover the most beautiful canyons in Romania, 7 Ladder Canyon, explore the medieval town of Brașov and an outstanding UNESCO site.


Instagram Romania – #city #urbanexploring

For architecture and nightlife lovers, Bucharest seems like the perfect choice. With many architectural gems, street art, colorful graffiti and cool bars to hang, the country’s capital has it all.

A half day Bucharest city tour will get to see the main sights of the city and discover two important attractions located in the surroundings of the Romanian capital. You’ll wonder famous boulevards with impressive monuments like Kiseleff Avenue with the Arch of Triumph, Victoriei Square and Victoriei Avenue with the Romanian AthenaeumRoyal Palace, and Crețulescu Church.


Don’t forget to take a snap of the Parliament Building or The People’s House, which is the second largest administrative building in the world, just after The Pentagon.


The extended version of the tour, lasting a whole day, will also take you to discover the Village Museum. This outdoor museum is a glimpse into Rural Romania in the heart of a busy city.


Other cities worthy to consider are Brasov with it’s chic Old Town, the medieval city of Sibiu and the last inhabited citadel in Europe, Sighișoara. They can all be explored in a three day Transylvania tour or the 6 daysTransylvania landmarks tour.


Instagram Romania – #culture #authentic #traditional

Travelers coming to Romania often seek to experience the traditions and the authentic way of life. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to see horse driven carriages on public roads or peasants working the field. The old arts and crafts seem to be forgotten. But not here. Romanians keep their traditions alive and pride themselves with the local food.

The villages of Pestera and Magura are fine examples of authentic mountain villages that look just like they did one or two hundred years ago. The town of Horezu is renowned worldwide for its artisans specialized in pottery and ceramics and is the place where you can try hands on the craft in an artist’s studio.


And lastly, nothing screams traditional homecooked Romanian food like Marginimea Sibiului, the villages surrounding the medieval city of Sibiu, a European Destination of Excellence and an international culinary destination.


And let’s not forget the hashtag of them all #Dracula, #DraculaCastle, #vampires. To find out more about the man behind the famous count you can choose a two-day tour following his footsteps through Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Sighisoara, Brasov and Snagov Island.


Let’s Instagram Romania together

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