What if I have specific dietary restrictions or preferences?
We can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences, and we can work with you to ensure that meals and snacks meet your specific needs. Just let us know in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
I'm worried about missing out on important sights or experiences during the tour. How do you ensure a fulfilling and comprehensive itinerary?
Our tour itineraries are carefully crafted to include a variety of must-see sights and experiences, as well as hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path discoveries. We also offer the flexibility to customize the itinerary based on personal preferences, and our professional tour guides are always happy to provide recommendations and guidance to ensure that you have a fulfilling tour experience.
I'm concerned about feeling rushed or crowded during the tour. How do you ensure a comfortable and personalized experience?
We specialize in small group tours, which allows for a more personalized and intimate tour experience. We also prioritize quality over quantity, and focus on providing meaningful experiences rather than trying to cram in as many activities as possible.
Can I customize my tour itinerary to include specific sights or experiences?
Yes, we offer customizable tour itineraries to meet your specific interests and preferences. Just let us know what sights or experiences you would like to include, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
What is included in the tour price, and what additional expenses should I expect?
Our tour prices typically include accommodation, transportation, tour guide services, airport transfers and some meals and activities as specified in the tour itinerary. to increase your level of comfort, we also include a variety of snacks and water available for you in the car. Rarely, there may be additional expenses such as meals not included in the itinerary, personal expenses, etc. Please refer to the specific tour package details for more information on what is included and excluded from the tour price.
Why are your tours so expensive?
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